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Licensing and Pricing Information

Developer License $1299

The ValdiatedControls© are licensed per developer computer and have no run-time limitations.  The Developer License  allows the licensed developer to use the ValidatedControls for an unlimited number of applications on various computers/servers.   The Developer License includes the following:

  • Redistribution Rights - The Developer License is a perpetual, royalty-free license that allows the incorporation, bundling and usage of the ValidatedControls© for developed applications including hosted applications, applications installed and deployed at end-users' sites or shrink-wrapped software.  For more details, please see the User Licensing Agreement.
  • Upgrades - One full year of version upgrades, hot fixes and patches are included with the purchase of the ValdiatedControls©.
  • Telephone Support - Thirty days (30) of telephone support are provided with the purchase of the ValidatedControls©. 
  • Renewal - Continued Upgrades and Telephone Support can be renewed for a fee of 50% of the purchase price. 

Vast Domains delivers software and releated documentation electronically.  Once purchased, the buyer is provided an email with instructions on how to download the software and related documentation. 

Source Code License

 Source code licenses are available.  For more information, contact us.



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