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Custom Software Development

On-Time, On-Budget

Vast Domains Incorporated is a software development and services company that specializes in software development  and web application design, development, deployment and support.  We are a results oriented company providing solutions on-time and on-budget.  Vast Domains Incorporated has repeatedly been able to deliver custom solutions at below industry average prices due to our extensive experience. 

In addition to specifying and developing new applications in conjunction with our clients, we have assumed partially completed and/or faultering applications in differing stages of the development process which have resulted in successful completion and deployment. 

Vast Domains has been in the software development business since 1982 and has worked for a variety of clients from large and small corporations, non-profit organizations and start-ups.  We have been involved in a wide variety of industries including: 

  • Financial
  • Electric Power
  • Home Building
  • Sports Marketing

Our applications have been developed using a wide variety of programming languages, database engines and development tools.

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ValidatedControls© for .NET


The Vast Domains ValidatedControls© are a set of .NET controls designed to be used in ASP.NET applications.  The controls are cross-browser compatible,  AJAX enabled and can be used in DotNetNuke® applications and modules.   The ValidatedControls© consist of a set of data input controls designed to be placed on ASP.NET forms and a dynamic grid control.  The data input controls contain built in validators including range checks and  list checks appropriate for the type of data being entered.  The ValidatedControls© consist of the following:

  • ValidatedTextBox©
  • ValidatedDropDown©
  • ValidatedComboBox©
  • ValidatedCheckBox© 
  • ValidatedLabel©
  • ValidatedMultiSelect©
  • FlexGrid©

Features and Benefits

The key features of the ValidatedControls© are:

  • Rapid data input form development
  • Minimal support code and code behind
  • Built-in validation
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • AJAX enabled
  • Significant decrease in support/maintenance

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